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Gaiaonline Meets it's Chinese Sister - LostPhrack: The Sexiest Antidepressant [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
LostPhrack: The Sexiest Antidepressant

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Gaiaonline Meets it's Chinese Sister [Oct. 2nd, 2009|07:02 pm]
LostPhrack: The Sexiest Antidepressant

Sometime yesterday members of the US based site Gaiaonline discovered that they had a Chinese siter site! The sister site is the result of a deal between the Gaiaonline owners and a Chinese company, they share designs, can share items, NPC's, etc. Initially interest in the site began by admiring the different items, but the more trollish segment of Gaia users eventually headed over there and flooded one of the forums with crappy and offensive posts, including one discussing stir fry recipes accompanied by pictures of cute kittens and puppies.

It was pretty disheartening and popping by the Chinese site still shows a number of obnoxious Gaia users lingering about and posting various English language threads. Despite all this the Chinese moderators and forum assistants have actually attempted to translate TOS for the English speaking newcomers and have even been rather friendly and welcoming in both Chinese and broken English.

I'm not actually sure where I'm going with this, but it's just fascinating to see the whole thing play out and I felt the need to share. I'm sure there's probably something to be said about the English speaking users and their impulse to spam and offend, and the Chinese moderators attempts to actually welcome them in a friendly manner. Oh, and the stir fry thread seems to have vanish so I can only assume that while they're being friendly they're also not quite willing to lie down and get shit on.